Blockchain-based solutions, cross-platform mobile development, progressive web apps, startup go-to-market plans, ethereum smart contracts, we can do it all. Let us help you get it done.

Technical Services

From consultation, to fully implementing your plan for a startup, we offer a variety of technical services.

Startup Solutions Architecture

We are experts at helping startups get off the ground. We can help you define your target market and create a solutions focused startup, while avoiding common pitfalls along the way.

Full-Stack Web

We specialize in server-side API development, as well as responsive, progressive, Angular/React-based client-side web apps. If your vision lives on the web, we can make it a reality.


Cross-platform (Android, iOS) mobile applications are right up our alley. Specializing in apps built with modern frameworks such as React Native and the Ionic Framework.


You have a killer idea, but you need to prove that it's feasible. We can bring your idea to life, enabling you to demonstrate your business case to investors and potential clients.

Chatbots / AI

Bots are becoming a popular way for companies to interact with users, and for brands to reach customers. We can build bots to interactive with popular services such as Telegram and Facebook.

Smart Contracts / Blockchain

Everybody is excited about the potential of Blockchain and Smart Contracts, and we're no exception. From planning to development, we can help you bring your Distributed Application (dApp) to life.

Industry Skills

Standards-based, modern development practices drawn from over a decade of cutting-edge industry experience.

Startup business development

You have a great idea, but you're new to the process of running a software company. Don't fret, at Unstandardized Design, we've experienced it all - from honing in on a target market, to securing investment, and getting a product built and shipped. We can help you go from vision to implementation.

Best practices

It's not enough to build and ship a product. Technical debt is a silent threat to most businesses. Sloppy code and complicated hacks build up over time to bring down companies, often times at the worst possible moment. Whether it's picking the right development framework, or determining a feasible go-to-market plan, we can help you build a software architecture that will protect you from suffering from success.

Blockchain-based solutions

Blockchain technology is all the rage, but few know what it means, or what it's good for. We can help you evaluate your blockchain project, determine the appropriate solution, and implement your vision. Whether it be Ethereum-based Smart Contract development, creating your own public or private blockchain, or developing web/mobile projects that leverage blockchain data, we know how to get the job done.

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